Bespoke Necklaces

Work(s) in progress
I have finally started to create my range of Bespoke pieces for my Vintage and Bridal Range. All items are crafted from vintage brooches, earrings and necklaces. I can honestly say that my hands are hurting (not helped by my Carpal Tunnel), plus I think I will soon have the roughest palms on the planet, but when I see how these creations are developing it all seems worth it when you have such a beautiful timeless Unique piece made just for you x

I can also add sentimental items of your own such as a pendant, a brooch, ring, war medal or cap badge making this is a special and lovely way to keep a lost loved one close to you.

So here is my current piece which is being created for 'Jelly Tots' it is nearly finished and I cannot wait to photograph it and show you all when it is complete x